Trends in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Trends in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
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Mindfulness-Based Intervention and Sexuality: A Systematic Review

Amaia Miren Ciaurriz Larraz, Alejandro Villena Moya, Carlos Chiclana Actis

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Mindfulness has generated considerable interest in the last two decades in clinical and research settings. The efficacy of mindfulness has been evaluated for the sexual dysfunctions recognized by the DSM-5 and other sexual problems, such as compulsive sexual behavior disorder (CSBD), also known as sex addiction or hypersexuality. Here, we review the evidence for various mindfulness-based treatments as mindfulness-based cognitive-behavioral treatment or mindfulness-based relapse prevention for different problems related to sexuality to respond our question: “Are Mindfulness-Based Treatments (MBT) effective in reducing the symptomatology of sexuality-related disorders?”. 

Through a systematic search conducted following the PRISMA guidelines, we found 11 studies that met the inclusion criteria: (I) articles using MBT for sexuality-related problems, (II) clinical population, (III) no date range limits were applied, (IV) only empirical studies were included, (V) language and (VI) quality of studies. 

Evidence shows that mindfulness practice could be effective for some sexual disorders, such as female sexual arousal/desire disorder. However, due to scarcity of studies on other sexual problems such as situational erectile dysfunction, genitopelvic pain/penetration disorder, childhood sexual abuse or compulsive sexual behavior disorder, the findings cannot be generalized. 

Mindfulness-based therapies provides evidence to reduce the symptomatology associated with various sexual problems. However more studies are needed for these sexual problems. By last, future directions and implications are discussed. 


Sexual disorders, aware, treatments, evidence, sexual dysfunctions.

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