Trends in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Trends in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Love, compassion and attachment in psychiatric care: perspectives for research and clinical practice

Rodolfo Furlan Damiano, Gregory Fricchione, Euripedes Constantino Miguel

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Love, compassion and related constructs have drawn to much attention from the general public due to the increased need of a better and more humanistic medical care. However, those constructs have been constantly neglected in academic benches and high impact research journals due to the ‘abstract’ and ‘non-measurable’ nature of these constructs. At the same time, medicine is claiming for a more patient-oriented and empathetic care, as care has been more disease-oriented and less life- and health-oriented, as initially proposed. This piece tries to discuss and claim for a more compassionate and altruistic care, despite technical pressure from most healthcare systems. We aim, thus, to incentive more research and clinical practice toward this very important subject.

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