Trends in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Trends in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy


Volume 42, Issue 2, 2020

42(2), 2020

Time-driven interventions for affective disorders: on resonance and the Oberth effect Argolo, Felipe C.; Gadelha, Ary; Pan, Pedro M.; Bressan, Rodrigo A.

Original Article
Childhood trauma and bipolar spectrum: a population-based sample of young adults Vieira, Igor S.; Pedrotti Moreira, Fernanda; Mondin, Thaise C.; Cardoso, Taiane de A.; Jansen, Karen; Souza, Luciano D. de M.; da Silva, Ricardo A.
The effect of cognitive behavioral counseling on sexual knowledge, motivation to avoid risky sexual relationships, and sexual depression in female university students Hosseini, Fatemeh; Alidousti Shahraki, Katayoun; Azizzadeh Forouzi, Mansooreh; Ahmadi, Atefeh; Dehesh, Tania
The effectiveness of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for reducing rumination and improving mindfulness and self-compassion in patients with treatment-resistant depression Foroughi, Aliakbar; Sadeghi, Kheirollah; Parvizifard, AliAkbar; Parsa Moghadam, Arash; Davarinejad, Omran; Farnia, Vahid; Azar, Ghazale
Modulation of neuropeptide Y levels is impaired in crack withdrawal patients Galland, Fabiana; Schuch, Jaqueline B.; Silvello, Daiane; Ligabue, Karina; Hansen, Fernanda; Scherer, Juliana N.; Sordi, Anne O.; von Diemen, Lisia
High rates of incarceration due to drug trafficking in the last decade in southern Brazil Ornell, Felipe; Stock, Bárbara S.; Scherer, Juliana N.; Ornell, Rafaela; Ligabue, Karina P.; Narvaez, Joana C. M.; Dalbosco, Carla; Dotta, Renata M.; Telles, Lisieux B.; Pechansky, Flavio; von Diemen, Lisia; Kessler, Felix H. P.
Memory and language impairments are associated with anxiety disorder severity in childhood Sbicigo, Juliana B.; Toazza, Rudineia; Becker, Natália; Ecker, Kimberly; Manfro, Gisele G.; Salles, Jerusa F. de
Neither God nor others: a qualitative study of strategies for avoiding suicide among homeless people Testoni, Ines; Russotto, Salvatore; Zamperini, Adriano; Pompele, Sara; De Leo, Diego

Brief Communication
Work Environment Evaluation Instrument (WEEI): development, validation, and association with burnout Carneiro Monteiro, Gabriela Massaro; Baeza, Fernanda Lucia Capitanio; Hauck, Simone
Intragroup differences and similarities in performance on rapid automatized naming tasks in children with ADHD symptoms, children with reading disabilities, and controls Koltermann, Gabriella; Becker, Natália; Wauke, Ana Paula Toome; de Oliveira, Cristiano Pereira; Gomides, Mariuche Rodrigues de Almeida; Paiva, Giulia Moreira; Haase, Vitor Geraldi; de Salles, Jerusa Fumagalli

Review Article
Corticotropin-releasing factor receptor signaling and modulation: implications for stress response and resilience Vasconcelos, Mailton; Stein, Dirson J.; Gallas-Lopes, Matheus; Landau, Luane; de Almeida, Rosa Maria M.
Factors associated with levels of empathy among students and professionals in the health field: a systematic review Maximiano-Barreto, Madson A.; Fabrício, Daiene de M.; Luchesi, Bruna M.; Chagas, Marcos H. N.


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