Trends in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Trends in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy


Volume 42, Issue 1, 2020

42(1), 2020

Original Article
HIV and syphilis infections and associated factors among patients in treatment at a Specialist Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs Center in São Paulo’s “Cracolândia” Ribeiro, Ariadne; Trevizol, Alisson; Oluwoye, Oladunni; McPherson, Sterling; McDonell, Michael G.; Briese, Viviane; Miguel, André C.; Fratzinger, Rosana C.; Laranjeira, Ronaldo R.; Alonso, Ana L.; Karasin, Ana L.; Ribeiro, Marcelo; Madruga, Clarice S.
Strategies for eating and body change among Brazilian women and men da Silva, Wanderson R.; Marôco, João; Campos, Juliana A. D. B.
The effectiveness of acceptance and commitment therapy for social anxiety disorder: a randomized clinical trial Khoramnia, Samad; Bavafa, Amir; Jaberghaderi, Nasrin; Parvizifard, Aliakbar; Foroughi, Aliakbar; Ahmadi, Mojtaba; Amiri, Shahram
Cross-cultural adaptation of the Brazilian version of the Questionnaire on Eating and Weight Patterns-5 (QEWP-5) Moraes, Carlos Eduardo Ferreira de; Mourilhe, Carla; Freitas, Sílvia Regina de; Veiga, Glória Valéria da; Marcus, Marsha D.; Appolinário, José Carlos
Effectiveness of mindfulness-integrated cognitive behavior therapy on anxiety, depression and hope in multiple sclerosis patients: a randomized clinical trial Pouyanfard, Sahar; Mohammadpour, Mohsen; ParviziFard, Ali A.; Sadeghi, Kheirollah
The association between traumatic experiences and suicide attempt in patients treated at the Hospital de Pronto Socorro in Porto Alegre, Brazil Zatti, Cleonice; Guimarães, Luciano Santos Pinto; Soibelman, Mauro; Semensato, Márcia Rejane; Bastos, Andre Goettems; Calegaro, Vítor Crestani; Freitas, Lúcia Helena Machado
Defense mechanisms and quality of life of medical students according to graduation phase Borges, Gisely Barddal Medeiros; Eidt, Ingrid; Zilli, Louise Nassif; Michels, Ana Maria Maykot Prates; Diaz, Alexandre Paim

Brief Communication
Construct validity of the Motor Development Scale (MDS) Okuda, Paola Matiko Martins; Félix, Erika; Cogo-Moreira, Hugo; Liu, Ting; Surkan, Pamela J.; Martins, Silvia S.; Caetano, Sheila C.
Prevalence and trends of mental disorders requiring inpatient care in the city of Porto Alegre: a citywide study including all inpatient admissions due to mental disorders in the public system from 2013-2017 Salum, Giovanni A.; Leite, Loiva dos S; dos Santos, Sara Jane E; Mazzini, Gabriel; Baeza, Fernanda L. C.; Spanemberg, Lucas; Evans-Lacko, Sara; Sato, João Ricardo; do Nascimento, Diane M; Frank, Thiago; Pfeil, Juliana; Katz, Natan; Osório, Jorge; dos Santos, Paulo Ricardo; da Silva, Eliana; Nunes, Christiane; Soares, Kelma Nunes; Machado, Ângela Maria Grando; Breyer, Tatiana; Rodrigues, Márcio; Galão, Adriani; Motta, Gledis Lisiane; Schuch, Silvia; Osório, Eduardo; Rodrigues, Cláudia; Sturmer, Pablo de Lannoy; Harzheim, Erno

Review Article
Cognitive-behavioral therapy for treatment-resistant depression in adults and adolescents: a systematic review Zakhour, Stephanie; Nardi, Antonio E.; Levitan, Michelle; Appolinario, Jose Carlos


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