Trends in Psychiatry
Trends in Psychiatry


Volume 39, Issue 1, 2017

39(1), 2017

Original Article
Attention, memory, visuoconstructive, and executive task performance in adolescents with anxiety disorders: a case-control community study Rafaela Behs Jarros; Giovanni Abrahão Salum; Cristiano Tschiedel Belem da Silva; Rudineia Toazza; Natália Becker; Marilyn Agranonik; Jerusa Fumagalli de Salles; Gisele Gus Manfro
Screening for symptoms of anxiety and depression in patients admitted to a university hospital with acute coronary syndrome Carolina Casanova Meneghetti; Bruno Luiz Guidolin; Paulo Roberto Zimmermann; Ana Sfoggia
Assessment of factors related to smokers' adherence to a short-term support group for smoking cessation: a longitudinal study in a developing country Luciana Rizzieri Figueiró; Helena Maria Tannhauser Barros; Maristela Ferigolo; Denise Conceição Mesquita Dantas
A proposal for a new Brazilian six-item version of the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale Maicon Rodrigues Albuquerque; Humberto Corrêa; Tiago Castro e Couto; Wallace Santos; Marco Aurelio Romano-Silva; Leonor Maria Pacheco Santos
Depression, anxiety, hopelessness and quality of life in users of cocaine/crack in outpatient treatment Camila Bosse Paiva; Isadora Borne Ferreira; Vera Lúcia Bosa; Joana Corrêa de Magalhães Narvaez
Serum concentrations of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in patients diagnosed with gender dysphoria undergoing sex reassignment surgery Maiko A. Schneider; Tahiana Andreazza; Anna Martha V. Fontanari; Angelo B. Costa; Dhiordan C. da Silva; Bianca W. de Aguiar; Raffael Massuda; Mariana Pedrini; Clarissa S. Gama; Karine Schwarz; Marcia Kauer-Sant'Anna; Maria Ines R. Lobato

Review Article
A critical review of trials of transcranial direct current stimulation and trigeminal nerve stimulation for depression: the issue of treatment-emergent mania Pedro Shiozawa; Quirino Cordeiro; Hyong Jin Cho; Alisson Paulino Trevizol; Elisa Brietzke
Screening and diagnosing postpartum depression: when and how? Gustavo Paranhos de Albuquerque Moraes; Laura Lorenzo; Gabriela Arruda Reinaux Pontes; Maria Cristina Montenegro; Amaury Cantilino

Letter to the Editor
Bitemporal ultra-brief pulse electroconvulsive therapy for the treatment of neuroleptic malignant syndrome in a first psychotic episode: a case report Kathy Aleixo Marcolin; Cazuza Oliveira Rodrigues; Tissiana Maria Falcão Muller; Felipe Salles de Salles; Vitor Calegaro; Angelo Batista Miralha da Cunha

Trends Psychiatry

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