Trends in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Trends in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy


Volume 39, Issue 2, 2017

39(2), 2017

Original Article
Computerized cognitive training in children and adolescents with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder as add-on treatment to stimulants: feasibility study and protocol description Virginia de Oliveira Rosa; Marcelo Schmitz; Carlos Renato Moreira-Maia; Flavia Wagner; Igor Londero; Caroline de Fraga Bassotto; Guilherme Moritz; Caroline dos Santos de Souza; Luis Augusto Paim Rohde
Perfectionism and negative/positive affect associations: the role of cognitive emotion regulation and perceived distress/coping Juliana Castro; Maria João Soares; Ana T. Pereira; António Macedo
Eclectic approach to anxiety disorders among rural children Atefeh Ahmadi; Mohamed Sharif Mustaffa; Ali Akbar Haghdoost; Syed Mohamed Shafeq Mansor
Social instigation and repeated aggressive confrontations in male Swiss mice: analysis of plasma corticosterone, CRF and BDNF levels in limbic brain areas Paula Madeira Fortes; Lucas Albrechet-Souza; Mailton Vasconcelos; Bruna Maria Ascoli; Ana Paula Menegolla; Rosa Maria M. de Almeida
Sexual dysfunction in females with depression: a cross-sectional study Krishnankutty Sreelakshmy; Rajmohan Velayudhan; Deepak Kuriakose; Rema Nair
Translation and cross-cultural adaptation of the Sexual Function Questionnaire (SFQ) into Brazilian Portuguese Clara de Oliveira Lapa; Gibsi Possapp Rocha; Tiago Reis Marques; Oliver Howes; Shubulade Smith; Ricardo Tavares Monteiro; Roberta Zorzetti; Lucas Spanemberg
Association between resilience and posttraumatic stress disorder among Brazilian victims of urban violence: a cross-sectional case-control study Stefania Pigatto Teche; Alcina Juliana Soares Barros; Regis Goulart Rosa; Luciano Pinto Guimarães; Kariny Larissa Cordini; Julia Domingues Goi; Simone Hauck; Lucia Helena Freitas

Review Article
Personality characteristics and bariatric surgery outcomes: a systematic review Suelen Bordignon; Mayra Juliana Galvis Aparício; Juliana Bertoletti; Clarissa Marceli Trentini
Posttraumatic stress disorder: a serious post-earthquake complication Mudassir Farooqui; Syed A. Quadri; Sajid S. Suriya; Muhammad Adnan Khan; Muhammad Ovais; Zohaib Sohail; Samra Shoaib; Hassaan Tohid; Muhammad Hassan

Case Report
Post-stroke psychosis: how long should we treat? Maria do Céu Ferreira; Célia Machado; Beatriz Santos; Álvaro Machado

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